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Giving Back

With Mia’s passion to educate and support breastfeeding mothers, and Jessica’s experience nursing her son in the NICU unit in Tampa, the two women agreed their new company should strive to pay things forward by giving back. That’s why a portion of the proceeds of every box we sell goes toward supplying free boxes to mommies facing the challenge of nursing their baby in a NICU. 

Preemies and babies in the NICU:

  • Are at a higher risk for health problems
  • Need different nutrients than full-term babies
  • May reject synthetic milk
  • May not have fully developed digestive systems and mother’s milk is more easily digested 

It’s extremely important that mothers with NICU babies get all the support, information and encouragement to start and continue the breastfeeding of their child. We believe our boxes can help motivate these mothers and keep their milk supply from diminishing while they provide the loving nutrients their baby needs to grow and flourish.

Recommend a NICU

Have a NICU in your community where you’d like to see us donate? Please make a suggestion and we will contact their team to explore the opportunity.