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A little about Colson & Joe...

This is Colson and Joe, our CIOs—Chief Inspiration Officers—and the namesakes of our company. And here’s our story. 

Colson & Mia

In 2016, Colson’s mom, Mia, faced significant challenges breastfeeding little Colson. An avid believer in the benefits of breastfeeding, she had also experienced a range of issues with her daughter two years earlier. After a lactation specialists told her that exclusively pumping would not work and she would never be able to provide enough breast milk to her daughter over the course of a year, she moved forward seeking support wherever she could. Within a few months, Mia had performed hours and hours of research and discovered a host of products to help her continue breastfeeding her daughter over the year. Along the way, she talked to numerous friends and acquaintances who shared their own challenges. Mia discovered that many people simply gave up often breastfeeding for as little as a month to six weeks. In 2016, after struggling with Colson, she decided it was her mission to not only support women with strategies on how to face breastfeeding challenges, but also supply them products that assisted their efforts. Recalling successful box subscriptions services in the food, pet and beauty sectors, she thought, “This would definitely work for breastfeeding, too!” She took her idea to a local marketing communication firm and there, as fate would have it, met Jessica.

Joe & Jessica

In 2015, Jessica was 25 weeks into her third pregnancy and on a business trip in Tampa, Florida. Unexpectedly, her kidney ruptured, her body went septic and she was forced to deliver her baby at Tampa’s St. Joseph’s Hospital. Mother and son were separated—tiny Joseph to the NICU, while Jessica was placed on a ventilator in the hospital’s Women’s Health ICU. While half conscious, Jessica overheard the nurses discussing how to secure donor milk for her son. Unable to talk, but summoning the strength of a mother’s love, she wrote, “pump me” on a hospital notecard. Meanwhile, Joseph, who had experienced a brain bleed, was fighting for survival in the NICU. However, the nurses were able to pump Jessica every two hours so she could provide a steady supply of milk to help Joseph recover. Slowly, but surely over the next few months, mother and son recovered and were able to return home.

Coming Together

When the two women learned each other’s stories in early 2017, they realized the common passion they shared to bring a product to market that would help support breastfeeding moms, while also providing free boxes to assist those facing the additional challenges of nursing a baby in the NICU. Naming the company after their two sons—who are now thriving, active little boys—seemed only logical. On November 24, 2017, the company was officially launched with boxes shipping in January of 2018. In early spring of 2018, Colson & Joe will make its first donation of free boxes—fittingly, to the NICU at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa where Joe spent the first few months of his life.