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How It Works

We know that no two breastfeeding experiences are alike. Whether your baby latched on the first time, or you have faced any of the challenges common to nursing your child, Colson & Joe is here to help. Our subscription box service provides monthly assistance in the form of educational information, interactive exercises and support products to enhance you and your baby’s breastfeeding experience. 

Whats In Our Boxes?

The contents of our boxes fall into three categories:


Educational Information covering a range of breastfeeding topics such as different ways to promote latching, foods to increase or decrease milk supply, information on mastitis and more.


Interactive Exercises such as activities designed to increase bonding with your baby or craft ideas applicable to your baby’s age. 


Support Products like hands-on items that help mom or baby such as nipple cream, breast pads, baby balm, etc., as well as products like probiotics, cookies, teas, herbal supplements and more. All of our products are unique and adhere to the highest quality standards. We know because they are tried and tested in house by our team of experienced mommies. 

To Begin

We start with a questionnaire that allows us to customize our boxes to meet your specific needs. Are you pumping or breastfeeding? Are you experiencing a low or high milk supply? Do you have any long-term dietary restrictions? Answers to these questions assists us in creating your own special box with information and products tailored to you and your baby’s needs.  

Paying it Forward by Giving Back

For every box we sell, a portion of the profits goes to supplying a free box to women facing the challenge of breastfeeding their baby in an NICU. Preemies and babies in the NICU need the nourishing milk from their mothers more than ever and you can help us provide boxes filled with support to encourage them through their breastfeeding journey with their little one.

Ordering Your Box

Customers can choose different options ranging from a single box to an annual subscription. Orders should be placed by the end of each month and subscription boxes will ship approximately four or five days later. Orders placed on the first of the month or beyond will be shipped the following month. All boxes are mailed USPS First Class with tracking numbers and typically arrive to addresses in the continental U.S. within three business days. For subscriptions, renewals occur on the 15th of each month. You will receive a reminder every month prior to renewal, so you can cancel, if needed.